Northwestern Data Use Agreement

Appendix I: Targeting/Inclusion of Vulnerable Population (Word) Investigators should immediately report any “unforeseen risk problems to subjects or others” (UPIRTSO) immediately to the IRB. In other words, any problem or event that the local auditor believes was unforeseen, serious and may at least be related to search procedures. An initial review request must be submitted prior to the human research activity. Form: Ionizing radiation in human research (word) You must obtain IRB authorization before engaging in research activities with human subjects. If you think you can publish or present the results of your project in the future (for example. B in a magazine, at a conference), this will be considered a search and you must get IRB permission before starting the project. The IRB does not grant retroactive authorization. Appendix H: Use of Protected Health Information (PHI) (word) Appendix B: Pregnant women, human fetuses and neo-nanates participating in research requests (Word) as well as any other necessary materials may be transmitted electronically to E-submissions must be sent directly from the Lead Investigator`s NWHSU email address by email. If the principal investigator is a student, the faculty advisor must be copied into the e-mail.

An application for reconsideration of unauthorized research must be submitted before the current authorization expires. If, during a project, changes can affect human subjects (for example, protocols. B, sponsors or reviewers, informed consent procedures), you must obtain IRB authorization before proceeding with the amendments. Appendix E: Drugs and/or biological products (word) Appendix N: Debriefing for research on the use of deception (word).

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