Video Content Licensing Agreement

Foss. The licensee agrees and acknowledges that the software or part of it may contain certain FOSS. The use of this FOSS by the licensee is subject exclusively to the conditions set out in the FOSS documentation. The use of FOSS by the licensee constitutes the explicit consent of the licensee to these conditions which apply to the FOSS. With the exception of this section 16, the terms of this agreement do not otherwise apply to the FOSS. In order to avoid doubts, OpenTV will not provide any guarantees regarding the FOSS, except to the extent that such obligations are expressly stated in the FOSS documentation. This is a licensing agreement (“agreement”) between Lens Distortions, LLC (“Lens Distortions”) and you (“Licensed,” “you” or “yours”). If you enter into this agreement on behalf of a company, you will ensure and guarantee that you are entitled to do so under this Agreement. By using our website and/or downloading digital content (as defined below), you accept this agreement. The terms of this contract apply to any license you purchase on the site. This content license agreement, including the transaction summary (defined below) (together the “contract”), defines the terms between you as a licensee (“you” or “taker”) and Starling Explainers (“SE”) as a licensee.

You must sign to report the acceptance of this Agreement before acquiring a content license (defined below) and such acceptance is a binding agreement between you and the SE. Copyright is a legal right of ownership that allows authors of a written, artistic or published work to control how it is used and whether it can be copied. In the UK, whether or not you label your content with a ©, your original work is copyrighted and belongs to you. Unauthorized use of protected content would result in copyright infringement, which could result in legal challenges and damage to the future reputation or income of an individual or business. You can legally acquire the right to reuse, modify or transfer another person`s work by creating a license. 1.17. “Software” refers to the software products you select from the OpenTV website at the address and/or other means provided by the licensee in accordance with this Agreement, only in an object code form readable by the machine. With one of our licenses, you can use digital content in projects you distribute on online video sharing platforms, but Lens Distortions retains full ownership of digital content and all related files.

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