What Is A Recognition And Settlement Agreement

The representatives we met talked about the aspirations of their communities. They emphasized what their communities considered most important: expropriation through colonization and the devastating and persistent effects it had on their people. In this context, the vision of their communities was self-determination, community healing and the revitalization of cultural practices, customs and places. Working with the Victorian government to achieve these critical results, they stressed the importance of being equal actors, being fully integrated into all aspects of the negotiation and implementation process, and being able to interact with the process in their own way, not in the manner defined by the state. The purpose of this section is to highlight the experience of traditional Victorian owners of the TOS Act settlement process. While conducting research for this work, members of the Parliamentary Library`s research and investigation team met with representatives of the two Traditional Owner Corporations who entered into an agreement under the TOS Act: Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation and Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboril Corporation. The discussion that follows is a selection of the experiences shared during these meetings. It is not a question of representing the views or experience of all members of traditional business ownership communities. As part of the colony, the state entered into a co-operational management agreement for Mt Eccles National Park in South West Victoria. The agreement creates the Budj Bim Council, a land management board that makes recommendations to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change on the management of Mt Eccles National Park.

One of the key challenges in developing a comprehensive and generally recognized system of recognition of aboriginal and Islanders land and water rights in Torres Strait has been the challenge of harmonizing these two fundamentally different concepts of land ownership and land use. These two companies were contacted because they are the only groups to have entered into a transaction with the Victorian government under the tos act. As a result, they were able to discuss their experience both during the process and the subsequent results after the agreement. A TOLMA may be included in a TOS Act system associated with the award of Aboriginal title. Under these conditions, the board of directors of the traditional owner country can establish a common management plan that provides a basis for the coordination of common management. [Note 113] A common management plan is designed to facilitate the traditional efforts of landowners for the land and, to do so, a majority of the members of the traditional land ownership committee are appointed by the TOGE. However, it is critical that day-to-day management and operational tasks be maintained by Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning in an area that is the subject of a common management plan. [Note 114] The first joint management plan between Gunaikurnai and the Victorian government was launched on 1 September 2018. [Note 115] There are currently two existing TOS Act locations.

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