British Home Care Agreement

Our opinion? If you take care of the boiler cover, you can opt for at least Homecare Two (200). You may already have some form of coverage through your home insurance, manufacturer`s warranty, craft warranty, or emergency policy. Make sure your boiler is not already covered by one of these guidelines. If you have one of these guidelines and your boiler is not covered, you can extend it to your boiler or other household products, but the extension may not come with an annual boiler inspection. Be sure to check all the details before accepting an extension. You`ll see that Homecare Two has gone from £17 per month to £13. This reduces the total price from £240 for monthly payment to less than £153 over a year. As with most insurers, the British gas-guarantee is only available in the form of household insurance, only in the form of real estate insurance or combined real estate and household insurance. The type of household insurance you need depends on your circumstances. For example, if you`re renting out your home, you only need household insurance, but if you`re a personal user, you`ll most likely want to consider combined building and content coverage. HomeCare One and Homecare Two cover most of the things you might expect, although there are a few exceptions: repairs to a central heating, showers, mud and lime removal are not covered. You can take your HomeCare British Gas plan if you move, but you should contact the HomeCare team on 0333 2029802 to let them know.

You can arrange an engineering visit to your new home to make sure the boiler meets the British gas criteria for HomeCare coverage. So suppose we eliminate the need for Homecare Three and Homecare Four due to extras and additional costs. We`re also going to ditch Homecare One, as it doesn`t contain a heating blanket….

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