Client Money Agreement

3.9 We will treat you as our client and we have no obligation or liability to any other person for whom you act as an agent, intermediary or trustee (whether or not the existence or identity of that person has been communicated to us) and your obligations to us will in no way be affected by your actions. 2.3 In this Agreement, references to the Statutes, the Rules of the ACF and all other rules, regulations or laws refer to such Statutes, Rules of the ACF, rules, regulations and laws which are regularly amended, amended, amended, adapted or replaced. References to the clauses refer to the clauses of this Agreement. For the sake of simplicity, the headings are included and have no influence on the interpretation of this Agreement. This Agreement, the Customer Application Form and all additional documents shall be construed as an Agreement. J.P. Morgan will not deposit its clients` money in an eligible MONEY MARKET FUND within the meaning of the ACF Manual, unless clients expressly agree to do so. When such an agreement is concluded, no money is held in accordance with the rules of client money and units of such a fund are held for clients as deposit assets in accordance with the deposit asset provisions set out in the FCA Deposit Rules, as set out in Cass 6 of the ACF Manual. If you would like us to release client money we hold on your behalf into an eligible MMF, please notify your regular J.P Morgan representative in writing. This Agreement will be effective from the date you (“the Client”) send us (OneTrade) a signed copy of the Agreement or, as the earlier, from the date we first make the Services available to you.

A signed copy may contain, but not exclusively, an agreement containing an electronic signature or a paper signature. J.P. Morgan may pay unclaimed client funds held on behalf of a client in accordance with client money rules to a registered charity of J.P. Morgan`s choice, with which J.P. Morgan has kept such unclaimed money in the account for at least 6 years after the last move (without taking into account payments or receiving interest, ) after taking appropriate steps to follow up with that customer and return the money. In this case, J.P. Morgan (i) cease treating such money as customer money and (ii) commit (or commit to an affiliate) to refund an amount equal to the balance paid if a customer wishes to claim such credit in the future. 13.13 You will not establish or leave in abeyance any mortgages, pledges, instructions, attachments, interest on security or other charges or charges, or any other agreement or arrangement having the same economic impact on or on the current or future encumbered assets that are not the title or other security contemplated in this clause 13. 3.12 We may at any time, at our discretion, convert all sums of money held in a currency other than that of the respective commitment, at our current exchange rates (or at any other reasonable rate) into the currency of the commitment, and the proceeds of such conversion are automatically used to reduce the commitment. . . .

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