Consulting Services Agreement Template Free

A retainer is a down payment that the advisor needs to start the job. In most cases, the retainer represents a minimum amount of termination hours that are paid immediately by the customer to ensure that their services are needed for a longer period. This gives the advisor the security they need to invest the right time in the project without fear that the client will break their commitment or disagree with the agreement. That`s why today we provide you with the optimal consulting contract template for 2019. The next part is the list of all the services offered in the consulting contract. When building your consulting contract, don`t forget a few things. The consulting contract contains basic contact information for both the customer and the service provider. 7.8 This Agreement, all attached schedules and any other agreement to which it refers or to be provided by the Parties under this Agreement, constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement and establishes all prior discussions between them and supersedes any other agreement or understanding; which may have existed between the parties to the extent that such an agreement or agreement is addressed to the provision of services (name of the undertaking). (company name) acknowledges that it has not reasonably relied on other assurances or statements that are not contained in this Agreement or that have been made by any person or organization other than xxxx. To the extent that the terms of the Company`s orders or other correspondence are inconsistent with this Agreement, this Agreement shall take precedence. The parties acknowledge that the Customer owns all proprietary rights in any work product resulting from the consulting services, including, but not limited to, copyrights and patents. The advisor undertakes not to assert such ownership of the intangible assets created, to the extent that the services he has provided to the client before or after the completion and delivery of work to the client.

The parties agree that all disputes relating to this Agreement and all rights of the Customer to the return of funds paid to the Company will be dealt with in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. If, at the request of the company and within thirty days, the customer does not pay for this work by the hour, the company reserves the right to take legal action for infringement, regardless of the prior outcome of a credit card cancellation dispute. . . .

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