Surat Agreement Sewa Kereta

AGREED AS FOLLOWS: 1. The rental price of this vehicle is RM____________/day/hour. 2. We reserve the right to demand additional payment if the vehicle is late at the end of the above mentioned rental period, up to RM 20.00/hour. 3. This vehicle is not used for criminal activities or misdemeanours in Malaysia. 4. Tenants are solely responsible for the abuse of such vehicles, such as. B participation in criminal activities or offences under Malaysian law. 5. It is the responsibility of the tenant to pay all assignments, connections or fines during the rental period as described above. 6.

We reserve the right to assert damages/accidents with the vehicle during the rental period mentioned above. 7. If the vehicle is not found/lost/severely damaged after the rental period of that vehicle, as described above, the renter is responsible for all costs incurred by the United States in connection with that vehicle. 8. We reserve the right to request/keep a copy of the vehicle`s ID/permit/student CARD for reference purposes. (b) loss of or damage to the vehicles and property of third parties suffered during the rental period. 13. The renter must send the vehicle to the agreed rental location indicated in the rental document, on the day or before the end of the rental period, or obtain the landlord`s agreement to continue the rent (the tenant paying an additional rental fee for the duration of the rent).

If the renter does not comply with this clause and does not immediately return the vehicle, the owner may report the stolen vehicle to the policy and the renter must reimburse the owner either the full cost of the vehicle or any additional costs and losses incurred up to the date the vehicle was received by the owner. I`m sorry I didn`t answer for a while. Stamp kena dua2 aggreement. Now we need to validate the stamp on the new ye aggrement. Buy a brand of product on the portopej and stick it on the face of the signed letter. Then take him to the Commissioner of Oaths and ask him to turn off the stamp and stamp it once. .

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