The Hague Agreement Pdf

1. This Convention shall apply in international affairs to exclusive jurisdictional agreements concluded in civil or commercial matters. 2. For the purposes of Chapter II, a case is international unless the parties are domiciled in the same Contracting State and the relationship between the parties and all other matters relevant to the dispute, irrespective of the place of the proceeding chosen, is related only to that State. (3) For the purposes of Chapter III, there is an international case in which an application for recognition or enforcement of a foreign judgment is sought. (a) the agreement was void under the law of the State of the elected court, unless the chosen court had established the validity of the agreement; (b) a party has not been able to conclude the agreement under the law of the requested State; (c) the act of commencement of proceedings or an equivalent act, including the essential elements of the claim, Article 22 Reciprocal declarations relating to non-exclusive jurisdiction agreements (d) an exclusive agreement of jurisdiction forming part of a contract shall be treated as an agreement independent of the other terms of the contract. The validity of the exclusive agreement of jurisdiction cannot be contested on the sole ground that the contract is not valid. (a) to which a natural person acting mainly for personal, family or household purposes (consumer) is a party; (b) as regards employment contracts, including collective agreements. A State may declare that its courts may refuse to rule on disputes which are subject to an exclusive agreement of jurisdiction if there is no connection between that State and the parties or the dispute, with the exception of the location of the chosen court. Court transactions authorized by a court of a Contracting State designated in an agreement of exclusive choice of court, or which have been concluded before that court in the course of proceedings and which are enforceable in the same manner as a judgment in the State of origin, shall be enforceable under this Convention in the same manner as a judgment. (a) in the State Party that made the declaration; (b) in other Contracting States where, in an exclusive agreement of jurisdiction, the courts or one or more specific courts of the State which made the declaration are designated. .

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