What Is Sears Master Protection Agreement

A hearing on the status of the Sears Protection Plan class action lawsuit is scheduled for August 29. Tammy I`m in the same boat, my 21/2 year old boiler, which burned down more than a month ago, still hasn`t come back to me. Looking for a lawyer to help you Please share. My fridge has come out 5 times in total since November. The last repairman said he would go for a replacement next time. Guess what? Next time will be there. 5 weeks after the replacement of the new capacitor motor. We`ll see what happens. Any insight would be helpful. A federal judge in Illinois has certified a class action lawsuit that Sears sold fraudulent “repair and replacement” protection framework agreements. I was sold an oversized heat pump in 2015 and they installed the system directly on the ground and did not get a permit. I had the framework protection agreement.

The system has stopped working since September 7, 2019. .

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