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The studio is located in Downtown San Diego’s East Village and provides a  variety of personal & private services. Clinical skin care treatments that correct and help maintain a youthful appearance. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels that reveal healthier glowing skin. Professional strength Anti-Aging remedies designed to reduce visible aging and provide restorative benefits. East Village Wellness is committed to esthetic education, research and the latest product technologies to help each client achieve maximum benefits.

Fitness programs are inspired by Deborah McLeod in a private setting one-on-one. Her continued training in the pilates “Method” and yoga breath to movement sequencing, are the foundation of her teaching method. Hour long sessions that engage the mind into movement, quickly translate in the body to weightless limbs, flexible joints, renewed strength and endurance. Deborah works  “hands on” to uncover anatomical patterns of holding within the body then cues the mind visually using images that enable release and ease of movement.

Massage Therapies and Cranial Sacral Manipulation are offered in 30, 75 and 90 min sessions.  Beyond obvious reasons for therapeutic massage, gently lifting limbs and moving bones provides ease and release of muscle tightness, tension in the low back, shoulders and neck. If you suffer with Migraine headaches, cranial manipulation and muscle release techniques of the neck and shoulders will give you amazing relief.

Professional business/office administrative services focused on assisting small business owners, by providing the office support needed– while at the same time, controlling costs and eliminating down time.


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