Personal Training

Pilates: Thought in Motion

Think of this: If your spine was an actual solid column, how would your daily life be affected? The head would face in only one direction, you would not be able to look down, above or to either side. The range of motion at the joints would be limited and the pelvis fused to the pillar of the body.

When you begin to see the skeleton is constantly flowing and changing you can guide your alignment toward increased efficiency. Being receptive to new possibilities in the body when the mind is clear and engaged will reduce overall body tension and impulsive muscle movement. Feeling the movement of the organs and bones initiated on inhalation and exhalation introduce you to the inside of your body.

The goal is to experience inner rhythm and movement of your structure and to increase space between and around bones and joints. The inner spaces together with skeletal alignment are important to an upright posture. The breath creates space in the abdomen and chest cavity expanding the body outwards preventing the tall column of the spine from collapsing back into itself, then automatically, the body eases back in all directions further enhancing the balance of your weight around your center. Since the bones are most closely aligned in the center of the body, your muscles won’t have to work as hard to hold you up against the pull of gravity.

When you find these movements inside just watch them, allow yourself to feel them and be patient as you explore a new idea of moving starting from your center.


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