Pilates: The Essence Of Natural Balance

Observations of  science and art in coordinated natural movements

“The Pilates Method”

The  prime consideration that one must be willing to accept when making a decision to become more fit is the fact that exercise must be continued throughout life to sustain any benefits you gain from it.

Two emphasized movements exist in Pilates: Western exercise approach which focuses attention on muscle tone, strength and motion. Eastern approach on being centered, calm, whole with an emphasis on stretching and limberness.

Principles Of The “Method”

  1. Concentration to the movements
  2. All physical motion completely controlled by the mind
  3. Physical center where all motion originates & strengthening this center
  4. Flowing motion outward from a strong center
  5. Seek precision in coordinating all movements
  6. Learn to breathe, coordinating breath with each movement of an exercise

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said  “To neglect one’s body for any other advantage in life is the greatest of follies”