Standing In The Feet And Balance

Standing and balancing postures involve two key elements; a focused gaze and the breath. Learning the art of breathing correctly feeling movement inside the body as you breathe, allows you to find your center line of gravity and discover your own weightlessness. A concentrated steady gaze inside and outside the body centers you, streamlining your attention to a single point of focus. In all balancing poses, your gaze is essential and comes from a calm centered mind.

Learning to stand correctly on the feet with the big toes and heels in a line (not at an angle), will systematically contract the hips, draw the abdomen back toward the spine and bring the chest forward. Take a look at where the sole and heel of your shoes wear out. Bearing your weight on the heels, or on the inner/outer edges of the feet cause alignment problems and hamper spinal flexibility. It is therefore essential to master the art of standing correctly.

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