“Yoga Puppetry” Wall Yoga Method

It is easy to forget the compounded effect gravity has on the body over the span of a lifetime. Traction has been used for decades to offload joints and prevent further degeneration. The yoga wall was established by B.K.S. Iyengar and what really gives it an edge over performing poses in a normal yoga floor class is you understand the correct action of the posture rather than forming the shape of the pose with your body. The student is made more aware of how the posture should really feel – how to move the skeleton to achieve proper alignment and – how to activate & release particular joints and muscles by making adjustments to the body while fully supported.

Achieving this stability in a pose has a profound impact on steadying the nervous system and the breath. The wall offers considerable versatility and in this respect, it acts like a partner supporting the body while it lengthens, stretches and opens. Wall yoga provides a myriad of benefits and opens up a world of possibilities that help students expand their practice no matter what their level of experience.

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