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GM Collin Mature Skin & Anti-Aging Solutions:

Treatments that target lines of expression, promote collagen & elastin synthesis and even out varying skin pigmentation. Peptides, collagen, retinol, active C serum and growth factor ingredients are formulated to treat the most demanding skin.

Sample treatment options include:


Anti-Aging treatments reconfigure the skin’s surface to subdue visible signs of aging. Collagen 90 is an undisputable and scientifically proven treatment to fight the signs of skin aging. Eliminates signs of fatigue and stimulates the natural functions of the skin

GM Collin Home Care Suggestions:  Native Collagen Gel & Hydramucine mask



Clinical alternative to micro-injections. This rejuvenating innovation (inspired by the latest surgical techniques) is a gentle cosmetic alternative. This intensive anti-aging treatment for deeper lines combines Retinol with 5 peptides, to relax and reduce expression lines and wrinkles. Botinol technology energizes, revitalizes, strengthens and inhibits the breakdown of cellular matrix.

GM Collin Home Care Suggestions:  Bota-Peptide 5 Concentrate, Age Total Defense, Retinol Advanced Q10



Lifting and firming of the skin requires improved hydration which will maintain the skin’s elasticity. The Hydrolifting treatment is recognized for intensive moisturizing, lifting and firming it provides to the skin. The dominant ingredients repair, protect and refine the skin’s texture for visibly smoother and firmer skin.

GM Collin Suggested Home Care: Visible Lifting Concentrate, Visible Lifting Cream, Phytoaromatic Mask




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