Keeping the noodles on the fork

Once upon a time, when meals were served (with silverware) aboard airplanes I sat in the middle seat with my dinner in front of me. Of course, I choose the noodles not thinking through to how I would keep the noodles on the fork while sitting between two people. Do you lean forward to eat? Lean back and try not to bend the elbow? Pick up the plate and drink the noodles? It was hilarious an experience not soon forgotten.

With this memory in mind I started looking through my old notebooks filled with questions that revealed some of my teaching, thinking and dreaming of how I see movement through the human body. It really comes as no surprise that from the moment of birth until death there is never quite complete quiet throughout the body. Always muscular movements, always something is being done, always activity of some kind going forward.

And the beat goes on… experiencing movement in a thinking body.


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