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A Closer Look At Triangle Pose “Tri-konasana”

Aligning the skeleton in your postures provides balance in the pose, stability as you move deeper toward your edge and opens the pathway for the breath to flow easily. The photo above will aid you visually and help you line up your own Triangle posture.

The figure on the far right side of the photo is a good example of Triangle Pose. The weight of the body is shifted back with a slight tuck in the tailbone, this movement allows the front of the hips to open and bones to stack. The lower rib cage is long lifting the torso away from the floor and forward toward the crown of the head. Chest and shoulders are wide open with the arms reaching in both directions allowing the wings of the shoulder blades to broaden across the back. The upper spine and head move freely away from the shoulders allowing the head to revolve and the gaze skyward.

The breath is now free to move from the lower belly up to the chest cavity and the true movement of this posture can be felt inside the body. THIS IS YOUR EDGE. Working from your edge you will be able hold postures longer, find more length in the spine, release muscle tension and feel lightness throughout the body.

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