Fine Line Prevention

Fending off fine lines isn’t all that different from packing for a winter vacation…Think layers       

20′s   Sunscreen is critical now for preventing wrinkles later. Using an antioxidant serum in the morning and layering sunscreen over is key to minimized sun damage that will later contribute to fine lines.

30′s   You will want to add an over the counter Retinol to promote collagen production. At first use the product every other night or every 3rd night, on top of your antioxidant serum. If this does not make your skin sensitive, work up to nightly use.

40′s    Retinol products nightly is a must. Adding products with growth factors and peptides are highly recommended. Alternating products on a bi-monthly basis works miracles: for example combine the use of vitamin C serums with retinol for 2 months, then switch to using peptide serums and retinol. Professional peels mid to deep depth in a series twice a year will give your skin a face lift effect. Other great facials include pumpkin peels with a retinol A over it.

50′s   You may need to downshift your at-home efforts as the skin tends to become more sensitive with age. More professional facial treatments that encourage strengthening the skin like Vitamin C treatments. The use of ultra sound to encourage blood flow and oxygen help plump the skin and increase cellular turn over. Collagen gels are also excellent for feeding the skin and keeping moisture in. Daily use of ceramides will keep the complexion dewy and youthful.

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