Correcting Skin Conditions

Result driven, professional skin care treatments and home care products are essential in our youth and as the skin matures. Understand the condition of your skin first before purchasing any skin care product, as all products are not created equally and therefore may be inappropriate depending on your skin type.

Correct the condition of your skin first and then add active ingredients found in Vitamin C serums, peptides,  advanced retinol and growth factor products. GM COLLIN professional skin care products have scientifically proven corrective results for all skin types. 

Correcting Oily and Acne Skin:


Oily skin is caused by excessive activity in the oil glands. Proper treatment to help control oil production and improve the skin’s organic balance.

Derm Renewal treatments are mild acid peels that normalize oily skin. An effective treatment that clears the skin of imperfections, smooths scar tissue and promotes healthy cell renewal.

Home Care: Pureacne/oxygen Line, Derm Renewal Gel, Acne Complex


Correcting Skin Dehydration:

Water is to the skin what soil is to the plant. It is essential to water the soil before fertilizing, to ensure uniform distribution. The same applies to the skin- the epidermis must be sufficiently moist before it is fed any active ingredients.

Active Vitamin C treatments bind water to the skin and strengthen loss of tone associated with dehydration. Vitamin C brightens uneven pigmentation revealing a luminous complexion. Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes are reduced.

Home Care: Hydramucine Line, Vitamin C Serum, Phyto-White Concentrate

Sensitive, Reactive Skin Solutions:                                                                                                                            

There are 3 conditions common to sensitive skin: Stinging and heat sensations, easily irritated and often   unpredictable, heredity and stress.      GM Collin skin care treatments and products are specific to each condition   

Algo Mask has the corrective elements of the sea and provides a thermo-cooling effect on the skin for diffusing redness and improving acne. This mask provides is excellent to detoxify the skin and provide instant radiance.

Home Care: Sensiderm Line, Vasco Tonic Concentrate, Ceramide Complex

Fine Line Prevention

Fending off fine lines isn’t all that different from packing for a winter vacation…Think layers       

20′s   Sunscreen is critical now for preventing wrinkles later. Using an antioxidant serum in the morning and layering sunscreen over is key to minimized sun damage that will later contribute to fine lines.

30′s   You will want to add an over the counter Retinol to promote collagen production. At first use the product every other night or every 3rd night, on top of your antioxidant serum. If this does not make your skin sensitive, work up to nightly use.

40′s    Retinol products nightly is a must. Adding products with growth factors and peptides are highly recommended. Alternating products on a bi-monthly basis works miracles: for example combine the use of vitamin C serums with retinol for 2 months, then switch to using peptide serums and retinol. Professional peels mid to deep depth in a series twice a year will give your skin a face lift effect. Other great facials include pumpkin peels with a retinol A over it.

50′s   You may need to downshift your at-home efforts as the skin tends to become more sensitive with age. More professional facial treatments that encourage strengthening the skin like Vitamin C treatments. The use of ultra sound to encourage blood flow and oxygen help plump the skin and increase cellular turn over. Collagen gels are also excellent for feeding the skin and keeping moisture in. Daily use of ceramides will keep the complexion dewy and youthful.

GM Collin has by far, hands down the best corrective and anti-aging products. Result driven and scientifically proven formulas that combine nature and the latest technologies.