USD Summer Session

A Greater Understanding Of “The Inner Body”

Much of my understanding comes from thinking of my students as “teachers” and taking “instruction” from their movement patterns. By using my eyes and touch I construct a sense of the individuals anatomy that is particular to each person I come in contact with. I have learned that as long as a new pattern of thinking is active during movement, then a new pattern of muscle activity is automatically being used to decrease physical stress and a more balanced alignment of skeletal parts.

Over a period of time and daily attention to new patterns in thinking and action, the body’s shape will be transformed. I watched this transformation in students who committed 2 times a week for 6 weeks at USD’s summer fitness yoga program;  Strength, endurance, alignment, body shape, focus and breathing were dramatically different. By the last week of the program everyone was up in supported head stand in the center of the room….Bravo and Well Done!

Looking forward to an outstanding Fall Semester